The New York Yankees make Tre’s Dream Come True

The New York Yankees Make Tre’s Dream Come True 

July 25-28, 2018 (Charlotte, NC & New York, NY) 

On Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 Tre’s friends and family gathered at Shake Shack in Charlotte, NC to pull off a surprise Dream Sendoff. As Tre’s friends and family waited patiently for their VIP to arrive, Tre was picked up in a styling stretch limo and told he was going out to eat and “catch up” with Dream Leader, Mike.  On the way to the restaurant Tre, bursting with excitement, did not know his enthusiasm was about to multiply.

When the limo pulled up to Shake Shack, Tre hopped out and casually strolled up to the restaurant  door. Opening that door left him in awe. His friends and family were cheering and WBTV News cameras recorded Tre’s jaw drop, his shock and the pure joy that exuded from his smile. After saying hello to his friends Tre was joined by Dream Leader Mike Dascal for another huge surprise. Mike explained to Tre that he was about to embark on the experience of a lifetime…he was going to live out his Dream of hanging out with the New York Yankees! Tre could not believe his ears and when Mike said “The Yankees are expecting to meet you and it’s going to be awesome, ”Tre burst out with “This is already awesome!” After an evening of celebration and great food ,Tre and his parents headed home to prepare for the big trip!

When Tre awoke on Thursday morning he was ready to take on the Big Apple and the responsibility of taking over Dream On 3’s Instagram. When the plane touched down in NYC, Tre captured the smiles of his Dream Team and began to let followers see the dream experience through his eyes. Tre and his family fueled up with traditional New York style pizza and headed to Yankee Stadium for an unforgettable day. When they arrived, they went straight to the field to meet some of the Yankees biggest stars including Didi Gregorius, Aaron Hicks, manager Aaron Boone and his ultimate sports hero, Giancarlo Stanton! After hanging out with the team and getting a multitude of autographs, Tre was whisked  up to the Yankee’s “War Room”, the behind the scenes location for recruiting, strategizing and team happenings. Spending time in the war room was special to Tre because he felt like a VIP when he learned the ins and outs of baseball recruiting from top-notch scouts and analysts. The amazing day ended with  Tre cheering his Yankees on to a 7-2 victory.

While Tre’s time with the Yankees ended, his dream experience was far from over. He and his family spent their final day exploring some of the most exciting places New York City offers. Tre first enjoyed panoramic views from the 104th floor of the One World Trade Center as he took time to pay tribute to those who lost their lives on 9/11. He then  ate the “best steak of his life” at Del Frisco’s steakhouse and dove into the amazing world of virtual reality at VR World! As the final day of his dream experience came to a close, Tre posted every cherished moment on Instagram and reflected on all of the ways his dream came true!