Things I Learned In Green Bay

My name is Beth, aka “Zach’s Mom”, and my son Zach is a recent Dream Kid that had his sports dream of going to Lambeau Field come true. (And what an awesome time we had!) Shortly after returning from the trip, I posted a “Things I learned in Green Bay” Facebook status. And it went something like this:

#1. A field goal is not what I thought it was. I really do not understand football but I’m getting there (Thanks Mike Dascal.)

Photo by Katie Spata Photography

#2. Bluetooth. I learned about Bluetooth. (Thanks for not laughing at me Donald Wilson).

Photo by Katie Spata Photography

#3 I can take a picture with a professionals camera and not mess it up! (Thank you Katie Spata, for trusting me).

Photo by Katie Spata Photography
Dream Kid Zachary meets his favorite Green Bay Player Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field

#4 Packers fans are nuts. Literally. Like completely off the chain crazy but in a good way. And let me add, Wisconsin peeps are incredibly friendly.

Photo by Katie Spata Photography

#5. Aaron Rodgers is an awesome person. Just plain awesome. He made my boy smile the best smile I’ve ever seen(Thanks to Dream On 3).

But do you know the most incredible thing I’ve learned from the entire Dream On 3 experience? I’ve learned that there are really good hearted people still left in this world. More specifically the people involved in Dream On 3 and those that supported the Beers and Burpees fundraising event. As a mom of a child with physical disabilities and epilepsy, it can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude and outlook. You also begin to feel that nobody understands the struggle. Well I’m here to tell you that there ARE good people left in this world that make it their priority to understand, like the people/staff of Dream On 3 and their supporters. What a truly amazing group of people and we are so honored to be a part of this incredible family called Dream On 3!

-Beth Thompson, Mother of Dream Kid Zach

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