Thank You- By DO3 Jr member, Kelsie King

As we come to the conclusion of Ne’Quan’s dream experience, I’m compelled to revisit the first meeting of Junior Dream on 3. I remember the confusion as to how we were going to manage sending a disabled student to Tennessee, and the shock of being selected for the seemingly crazy task. Now, I feel nothing but gratitude and appreciation for getting to be a part of this amazing journey with the Dream Team.

There is no doubt in my mind that Ne’Quan’s dream was life-changing; not only for him, but for me as well. Coming into this experience, I’d already been exposed to clubs and organizations that required leadership abilities, and I assumed that this would be no different. However, as the planning for this dream continued, I realized that this was not just another organization to showcase the strengths of leadership. Dream On 3 humbled me greatly, and allowed me to experience true teamwork through a caring group of students who wanted to make a difference.

This Dream also opened my eyes to see exactly how abundantly God has blessed me. It is so easy to take advantage of so many blessings that I’ve been given, such as the ability to walk and talk. I truly believe that God worked through us during this dream to bless Ne’Quan as well, and I am so grateful for another reminder of God’s greatness. It was absolutely breathtaking to see God use the Dream Team as a vessel to shower His many blessings onto others.

Additionally, this Dream has furthered my interests in entering the medical field, and secured my decision to apply for a summer volunteer program at Levine Children’s Hospital. Helping Ne’Quan and his family has influenced me greatly, and I want to continue making a difference in other people’s lives.

Finally, I cannot thank you enough for being a mentor to me during this experience. Whether you knew it or not, your positivity and confident attitude towards Junior Dream On 3 has motivated me to bring that same zeal and assurance to every project that I am/will be a part of. That being said, I would love to continue working with Dream On 3 in any way possible, if help is desired.

Thank you so much for this experience. The lessons I’ve learned are so valuable, and you have definitely changed my outlook on many things in life. I appreciate everything that you continue to do through Dream On 3!

Thank you,
Kelsie Naomi King