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Interested In Sponsoring A Dream?

We want each and every one of our partners to know they’re valued. Our goal is to build long-term, mutually beneficial alliances with our corporate partners.

Community Impact

The impact of our programming extends well beyond the Dream recipient. Your involvement could impact thousands of kids and their families through our Day Dreams and Jr. Dream Team programs!

Employee Engagement

With DO3, it’s about more than just a check! We understand that you and your employees want to be connected to the cause! VIP Dream Sendoff’s and planning committees are a great way to be a part of our team!

Let Us Tell Your Story

Our corporate partners are a big deal and we treat your brand as such. You are doing great things in the community and we want everyone to know about it!

Targeted Audience

We are a local organization with national reach. Our website had over 75K views in 2016 and we have a social media following with a reach of 7.4 million and growing.

Social Responsibility

Consumers, investors and stakeholders no longer view social responsibility as good practice….they view it as a requirement! We believe that together we make our community a better place.

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