A Reflection On My Internship Experience

By Peyton Biester
UNC Charlotte
Class of 2023

How can I sum up an internship in just a few paragraphs?

I was challenged during my internship with Dream On 3, so here we go with all my experiences that I will take with me from this fantastic organization. I could never have imagined that as a Social Media/Web Marketing intern, that my duties would be so diverse.

I was uncertain of my career goals with I joined the Dream On 3 team. I lacked confidence about what I could do and where my skillset excelled. My internship has provided me with a better understanding of where I would like my career to take me. But most of all, I learned that the team was my support. I learned my resources, who never made me feel like I was a college student trying to learn my new role. As a college student, I am uncertain about what I wanted to do upon graduation. Thanks to the guidance I received at Dream On 3, I know that all things fall into place when you are part of a team.

Real Life Experience

Writing was huge for me during this internship. This internship taught me that writing takes practice and I needed to work more on developing my skills in that area. Writing for the web and writing papers for college is very different. I needed to work on my style and develop a new tone for website writing. I continued to write something new every day and I have improved dramatically during my time with Dream On 3.

This was my first position in an office atmosphere, I was uncertain of what to expect. The tone of the office is quite relaxed and I learned how to perform in the workplace. Working with the team prepared me for whatever my next position might be. I learned so much about teamwork and how with the guidance of my supervisor, we all came together to accomplish the goals set forth for us.

This was a positive learning experience and also a resume builder. I learned so much that it will enhance my resume and my Linkedin profile. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Dream On 3. This has been a great learning experience and I will always be grateful for the support and guidance I received from the team.

My takeaways are to be friendly, work hard, and learn your resources as quickly as possible when joining a new organization.