NW Cabarrus Students Rally In Support of Christian Heavner

Students from all grade levels have participated in special events and FUNdraising opportunities planned by the 2016-17 Jr. Dream Team. Christian Heavner, a graduating senior at NCHS, has a dream to see the Yankees play on their home field and his fellow students are “Hitting for Heavner” every chance they get. In this picture, students are wearing a custom Heavner baseball tee and holding up three fingers in support of Dream On 3.

One Kid. One Dream. One Team. That is how we do it at Dream On 3. Christian Heavner is our Dream Kid, he is an 18-year-old from Concord, NC who is living with cerebral palsy. He loves sports, not because he has ever known the feeling of swinging a bat himself, but for him, it’s the teamwork, competition and the energy of the game.

Christian’s loves sports in general but his favorite is baseball. His dream is to see the New York Yankees play at Yankee Stadium.

Christian’s team is a little unique. You see, each of our Dream Kids has a team made up of family, friends, healthcare providers, the DO3 staff, the sports community and the business community. It takes the support of each of those groups to help make a dream come true but also to remind our Dream Kids that they don’t fight alone. What makes Christian’s team different are the faculty and students at Northwest Cabarrus High School and, in particular, a special group called the Jr. Dream Team. These are a group of 8 students and 2 faculty members who were selected in October 2016 to help make Christian’s Dream possible. They chose him as the recipient, introduced Dream On 3 to their school and have spent the last 8 months rallying their community to make sure that Christian’s experience is unforgettable. To say they’ve worked hard does not give justice to the amount of effort these students have poured out, they have been truly unbelievable!

Eight months is a long time to plan for a dream but, as we move into the baseball season, we have a pretty good feeling that there are some very big things taking place in the near future (and that is the most you are getting from us!).

The 2016-17 Jr. Dream Team Program is proudly sponsored by the Joey Logano Foundation. We are humbled by the support they show in our community!