Friday, August 10th started out as a normal day for Dream Kid Christian, who thought he was off to The Pump House in Rock Hill, South Carolina to celebrate his 19th birthday. He had no idea that it was his Dream Day, and that he would be greeted at the restaurant by the Dream Team. The team informed him that he was headed to Boston on Saturday to meet his favorite NFL team, the New England Patriots! Christian was so excited and surprised to learn that his Dream would be coming true that weekend, thanks to our title Dream Sponsor, Crossfit Weddington.

Christian’s first plane ride was a great experience thanks to the TSA Cares program. They proved to him that his condition will never stop him from traveling the world! He even received a special shoutout on the plane from American Airlines, which helped get him pumped up for his Dream Experience.

The plane ride was truly just the beginning of the VIP treatment that Christian would experience. Met Boston Limo had a luxury ride waiting for him at the airport. His first stop in the city was the Ritz Carlton Boston, where he received a warm welcome from the staff that included welcome banners, balloons, and delicious treats. There wasn’t too much time to rest at the hotel though, because Christian had concert tickets to see Journey and Def Leppard at Fenway Park. The experience was complete with VIP seating, backstages passes, and a tour of Fenway Park. 

Christian’s ultimate sports Dream came true on Sunday, August 12th, when he joined the New England Patriots for training camp. He soaked up every moment he had at Gillette Stadium with his all time favorite team. In the middle of the jam-packed day, Christian and the team made sure to stop for lunch at Patriots Place. The afternoon had some fun surprises in store! Christian was able to meet and spend some time with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, as well as be personally gifted gloves from Patriots cornerback Stephen Gilmore. To celebrate the end of an amazing day, Del Frisco’s Boston generously hosted a meal for Christian and the team. Christian loved his time with the Patriots and will always remember his Dream Experience in Boston!