Chuck Norris & A Match Made In Heaven

Chuck Norris & A Match Made In Heaven

Dream Kid Ally Will Meet Grand Master Chuck Norris

Earlier this year, Justin Bretz was in his senior year at Wright State University. He is a fraternity member of Phi Sigma Phi and he and his brothers host an annual fundraiser to support a charity close to their hearts. This year that fundraiser will help Ally Davis meet her hero Chuck Norris.

Let us back up a minute and explain why students on the other side of the country might want to support DO3.

Justin’s cousin Jack Bretz, was a recipient of a Dream Experience in 2014. His dream was to “have his picture taken with Chuck Norris and put on a t-shirt.”  That’s a pretty specific request, even for us!

Jack got his t-shirt along with some other really special memories including a black belt ceremony performed by Grand Master Chuck Norris himself!

For the next 3 years, Jack’s Army continued to cheer him on as he battled Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. But in January of 2017, Jack’s body just couldn’t fight any longer and this amazing young man was called Home.

Justin and his fraternity brothers will honor Jack’s life by designating Dream On 3 as the recipient of the Mardi Party proceeds. Their hope is that another child would receive an experience similar Jack’s so they too could have a dream come true.

It would be impossible for Justin to anticipate just how similar of an experience they would help fund. Dream On 3 paired Justin’s fundraiser up with Dream Kid Ally Davis. Just like Jack, Ally has battled cancer, she practices Tae Kwon Do and her Dream? Well, she wants to meet Chuck Norris too! You might say it was a match made in Heaven!

The Mardi Party was a huge success and raised a total of $3539.58 in honor of Jack’s Life. Justin Bretz and his fraternity brothers at Phi Sigma Phi WSU are making a difference by helping another warrior’s dream come true!