Our Look Inside the Huddle

By Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

We were the proud Dream Sponsor for recipient Brandon Furr, a 21-year-old with a life changing brain tumor. Our team at Spectrum Pharmaceutical, Inc was able to attend the surprise sendoff and some of us even took part in the Dream Experience when Brandon’s dream of attending the X Games came true in a big way!

Each team member had a very personal experience and wanted to share their look inside the huddle…

Tom’s Experience:

“Watching the Dream on 3 team work to create a VIP Dream experience for Brandon, his wife Dallas, and his young son Levy, was truly inspiring. His dream was to attend the 2016 Motocross X Games in Austin. I was able to participate in his reveal in Charlotte, NC. This included a surprise police escort in a fire truck, a restaurant filled with his family and an experience I will never forget. To see the look of surprise, appreciation, and amazement on his face was absolutely awesome!

I will forever remember a simple conversation with Brandon’s mother at his reveal party. She looked at me and described how Brandon had been on the brink of giving up hope. She was worried that he was getting fed up with the “fight” against cancer. The quiver in her lip and the fear in her voice will stay with me forever.
She then said how the thought of a “Dream Experience” put bounce back in his step, gave him the will to fight a little harder and to help ensure that his son’s dreams one day come true.

Brandon received his “big ticket” to X Games Austin at his surprise send-off.

The conversation may have only lasted 5 minutes but its impact will stay with me forever. In life, there are times we all need to get in a “huddle” and provide the support to help someone move forward; especially when something as serious as cancer enters our lives. The Dream on 3 Team really does make dreams come true. I am humbled to be a part of this experience.

Michael’s Experience:

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals brings innovative drugs to cancer patients, and one of our Company’s values is that we are patient focused. Recently we had an opportunity to live that company value by making a dream come true for a truly deserving cancer patient and his family.

We were made aware of Brandon through the Dream on 3 Foundation. One of our executives was involved in another of their dreams, and we had been looking for an opportunity to give back to the patient community. When Dream on 3 contacted us about making Brandon’s Dream come true of attending the 2016 X Games in Austin, it was something we were compelled to make happen.

Excited about restoring hope with a dream come true!

Brandon, Mike and Elizabeth from Dream on 3 were incredible in their efforts to make this an extraordinary event for Brandon and his family. I had the opportunity to be part of the reveal, where Brandon and his family were picked up by the local Fire Department, taken to a favorite restaurant with lights and sirens blaring, and escorted into a room with his extended family and friends. We were able to hand Brandon a VIP ticket to the X Games, and get to know him and his family at lunch.
This was one of the most moving experiences I have had while at Spectrum. To see this young family, battling cancer, yet still able to participate in a life dream was a very rewarding experience.

The Dream on 3 Foundation is doing the good work.

Lisa’s Experience:

Most of us think about cancer striking older patients so when it’s someone in their 20’s who has a new wife and young son – it makes cancer that much more insidious. Brandon, Michael, and Elizabeth with the rest of the Dream on 3 team have reignited hope for this family and I am so proud that Spectrum was able to get in the huddle with them to make this happen. The fact that they were able to marshal so many people to help (as you can see in the attached picture before the big reveal) was truly inspirational and incredible. At Spectrum – our goal is to live our mission each day. Days like this take it to an entirely new level! Keep paying it forward Dream on 3!
Eric’s Experience:

This was one of the most moving experiences that I have been thru in my life. The fact that I was allowed to share time with Brandon, Dallas, and Levy, was a privilege. When I think about my time spent with Brandon and his family, I think about perspective. Not perspective in a sense of cancer of the consequences of it, but more about perspective on life and what it means to truly live. Truly living is doing what you love with those that you love or love being around. Tuesday night was spent with colleagues and new friends. I couldn’t ask for more other than my own family being able to attend. Even though they didn’t attend, they were there in spirit with my presence.

I promise to live every day as the best person as I possibly can. Brandon, thank you, for making me a better man.

Aimee’s Experience:

I was blessed to get to meet Brandon and his family, Dallas and Levy, and to attend the kickoff dinner for his dream. Dream on 3 was a great organization to work with and we shared in an amazing opportunity, which introduced us to how they are there for Brandon today and going forward. This event was just part of what he will experience at the X Games, and afterward with the community of Dream on 3 and its continued support. I really feel that he has a strong community around him, and I could feel the positive energy that this created. I am thankful for being part of this organization and to be able to meet people like Brandon, which inspires me to come to work and do my job better every day.

Sue’s Experience:

I was very proud to be representing Spectrum & accompanying Brandon to his “Wish come true”- going to Austin, TX for the X Games. When I told my family & friends where, and why I was going- they were so happy for Brandon & they were in awe of the company I work for. In the lobby, along with the “Dream on 3” representatives, I met Brandon & his wife Dallas. Both 21 years old & married for 1 month. In spending time with them both- it became clear what strength and courage they both have. At the X Games, it was so cool to see Brandon enjoying the weekend & getting the much-deserved attention from the celebrities at this event. As far as I’m concerned – Brandon is the celebrity- he’s battling something bigger than the skateboard crashes, bicycle jumps and motor cross wipeouts. To see how cancer affects a life, up close and personal like I did, has changed my life forever. It was a humbling experience – one which I was honored to represent. We say at Spectrum, what we do each day matters, for the patients and the families…it really does.

John’s Experience:

The weekend in Austin as a representative for Spectrum with the Dream on 3 crew was a fantastic experience. Our guest of honor, Brandon Furr along with his beautiful wife Dallas were the coolest, nicest and most deserving recipients of anything like this I’ve ever been around. In the space of a couple days I got to interact with everyone involved and the only thing that was in question was who was having more fun. Brandon is a very quiet, strong-willed guy who inspired us all over the weekend. His willingness and desire to fight his cancer is hugely inspiring to everyone he comes into contact with. I felt honored to be the representative for Spectrum and made a pact with Brandon and Dallas to attend the Dream on 3 annual ball next January. I look forward to seeing them early next year!