Dream Kid Garrison Meets His Hero & Then Receives Another Dream Come True

Meet Garrison

Garrison Guerrero is a not-so-typical 6-year-old from Hickory, NC. If you met him, you might be so distracted by his bright smile and big eyes that you wouldn’t realize he is battling for his life. He wrestles daily with cerebral palsy, short bowel syndrome, epilepsy, as well as permanent damage from a brain hemorrhage he had as a baby.

Garrison was selected by Dream On 3, a sports dream-granting organization headquartered in North Carolina, to be the recipient of a Dream Experience. For Garrison, this would mean that he would get to meet his all-time favorite WWE Superstar, John Cena.

Not only did Garrison fly to Chicago to spend time with his hero, Cena gifted him with ring-side seats and the two shared a very special moment at the end of Cena’s match. The trip was a dream come true; however, the most surprising moment came after Garrison returned home to NC. Garrison made such a powerful impression on America’s favorite wrestler, that Cena invited Garrison to be his guest at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. The event will air LIVE from Inglewood, California on Saturday, March 24, 2018.  Keep reading to watch the video of Garrison as he learns about his special invitation.

To better understand why Cena was so impressed by Garrison you need to understand the size of this kid’s heart.

The Dream Reveal

On his Dream Day, Garrison was surprised in front of his fellow Kindergartners at Webb A. Murray Elementary School. The excitement filled the air and kids lined the halls with signs and smiles. They were eager to cheer on their very own champion as he learned that he was headed to Chicago to meet his hero.

After Dream On 3 shared the big news, Garrison took his new wrestling belt, the class cheered and then the gravity of the moment became too much for him to bear. “Thank you…thank you,” he said as the tears began to flow and he reached out and hugged Dream On 3 Founder, Brandon Lindsey. Lindsey said, ” It was one of the most sincere hugs I’ve ever received.”

Watch the video:

A Dream Come True

Following his surprise dream sendoff, Garrison traveled to Chicago, Illinois. There he received all the luxuries of a V.I.P such as a personal driver and a VIP Luxury Suite at Hyatt Regency – Chicago. As Guerrero opened the door to his suite he yelled out….”NO WAY!!!” The hotel staff members had decorated his suite with balloons, ALL of his favorite snacks, John Cena superstar bobblehead figures, framed pictures of his hero, and a GIANT welcome poster board signed by all of the Hyatt Regency staff members.

Upon arriving to the United Center, WWE escorted Garrison to a private room backstage. Garrison’s emotions were at an all-time high as he waited patiently to meet his lifelong hero. He shed tears. He laughed. He was afraid and nervous. He wanted to hide. He touched briefly on every emotion and feeling on the spectrum. But when John Cena walked through that door, it was more than this 6-year-old superhero could handle. Garrison ran into the arms of John Cena and was quickly swallowed by the embrace of this mountain of a man whom he had waited so long to meet. Garrison cried, “John, I love you! You are the best. I’m so happy to finally meet you.”

Moments That Make Champions

Before Garrison ever departed for Chicago, he was asked what he would say to his hero when he had the opportunity to meet him. He didn’t hesitate,

“I’d ask him if I can go with him to the Kids’ Choice Awards!”

And that is exactly what Garrison did.

Even this unexpected request didn’t cause the 16-time world champion to stumble. He looked at Garrison in those big eyes and said “I’ll see what I can do.”

Garrison went on to enjoy the evening in the upgraded, ring-side seats provided by Cena and as soon as he saw him in the ring he said “Hey, it’s my friend, John Cena!” Cena told Garrison earlier that he would be looking for him.

Unfortunately, Cena was not the winner. As Garrison saw his hero fall down he became very upset and yelled, “My friend, my friend! Never give up John Cena, don’t give up!” At that moment, Cena looked over at Garrison and it was as if he could hear Garrison’s little voice.

Then, Cena got up, walled over to Roman Reigns, took the arm of his competitor and raised it to the sky to congratulate him on being the winner.

 John Cena congratulates Roman Reigns on his win.

John Cena congratulates Roman Reigns on his win.

What happened next will be something this little 6-year will never forget.

Cena left the ring and in front of a SOLD OUT stadium, he walked straight over to Garrison. He told him that everybody has bad days, but it’s all in how you handle it. “I fought a strong competitor and I lost but I will NEVER give up!

Garrison took in every word that Cena had to say. Those words of wisdom will stay with Garrison as he fights day in and day out with his conditions. But no matter what, he will always be reminded by his hero to never give up.

A Special Invitation

Fast forward to a few days later….

Dream On 3 gets a phone call from Cena’s agent sharing how much of an impression this little 6-year-old left on Cena. Watch as Garrison receives the news that his ultimate sports dream will now have a Part 2!

Media can download a PDF version of this release here.

For more information, contact Danielle Honeycutt at danielle@dreamon3.org