The Kannapolis Intimidators Show A Softer Side

Isn’t it a great feeling when you make new friends? Well, that’s exactly what happened last Sunday night. The Kannapolis Intimidators hosted us and a few of our partners for a fun, family night and everyone had a great time!

We were joined by old friends – The Arc of North Carolina and Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital – as well as some brand new friends – Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte, Autism Charlotte and Sickle Cell Partners of the Carolinas.

The Kannapolis Intimidators might be intimidating on the field but off the field these players have big hearts. Our Day Dream kids and their families got autographs, great seats to watch the game and our kids even got to run out on the field to sing the National Anthem alongside the team. If you add popcorn, hotdogs, dancing, laughing and some great baseball – it’s a perfect family night!

We only had one hiccup – a little rain delay. Let’s face it, adults don’t love to wait and it can be even harder for the kiddos. But not with our group. You would never know we had to hit pause because the smiles never stopped and when things dried up the fun just kept going.

The Intimidators may have fallen just a little short in the final score against the Columbia Fireflies but they won big with us! Thank you to all that played a part in making the evening possible, we are so grateful for each and every one of our new friends!