Jr. Dream Team

The voices of teens matter. See how they are empowering and uniting communities.

The Jr. Dream Team program helps student leaders set goals, solve problems, and influence their peers positively. The program culminates, after months of planning, with an over-the-top, sports-focused Dream Experience for a fellow classmate that is living with a life-altering condition. When the entire school and community unite with a culture of inclusivity, the result is an overwhelming sense of goodwill and the impact is life-changing!

Currently Accepting Applications For the 2020-2021 School Year

If you interested in bringing this program to your high school, contact:

CAROLINAS | Mac Glidewell – mac@dreamon3.org
DC METRO | Courtney Quinterno – courtney@dreamon3.org
Download the application.

Students Making Dreams Come True

Give Students The Skills To Make A Difference

Social Responsibility

Event Planning




Public Speaking

Problem Solving



2019-2020 School Year

Wheatmore High School

Trinity, NC

A.L. Brown High School

Kannapolis, NC

Hopewell High School

Huntersville, NC

Program Testimonials

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