Internship // Reinvented

Interning During a Pandemic

By Taylor Quinn
Levine Scholars Program, UNC Charlotte
Class of 2023

As 2020 began, I felt excitement and anticipation for the year ahead. I had some exciting opportunities on the horizon, including a non-profit internship with Dream On 3. After my successful interview in January, I couldn’t wait to begin my experience in summer 2020. Soon after, however, COVID-19 transformed life as we know it, especially within the sports world. All sports were suspended indefinitely and I was unsure of what my internship would look like. Although, I was determined to make the most out of my time with Dream On 3.

Then Came COVID-19

I began my internship remotely, meeting my coworkers for the first time over video call. I quickly learned that virtual meetings have a uniform sense of efficiency, which helped me transition to my new role. I originally felt nervous because virtual work was foreign to me, but was immediately relieved once I received a warm welcome from the entire DO3 team.

My work consisted of mostly research and brainstorming during this transition period. I worked primarily with the programming team, planning virtual events as well as conducting administrative tasks. Soon June arrived with fewer coronavirus restrictions, so I started working in the office two days a week. I loved working in the office because of the uplifting atmosphere and the ability to meet my coworkers one at a time.

Lessons Learned

COVID-19 transformed Dream On 3’s entire operation, and I learned to swiftly adapt to changing schedules, coronavirus updates, and adjusted programming. Dream On 3 is never boring despite the current circumstances: sometimes our event plans completely change four times in a single day. It was a great learning experience for me to think on my feet and have comfort in flexibility. Moreover, the DO3 team does a wonderful job of making each event special and goes above and beyond in the virtual space. I wouldn’t trade my internship experience for anything, even if it was under “never-before-seen” circumstances. Dream On 3 radiates positivity despite any challenge, and I left inspired by the work they do for our Dream Kids. I formed great relationships with the team and I can’t wait to volunteer with them in the future.