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In-Person Event

Bringing Community Together

Third party fundraisers are a great way to support Dream On 3. We love being a part of your new and creative ideas for bringing communities together, so much so we will have a DO3 team member dedicated to making your event successful. We are grateful for your support and, in turn, want to support you!

If you are still deciding on the direction of your third-party event, we hope the ideas below will inspire you. Or if you’d like to reach out, we are always happy to discuss! Please contact Mary Beth at or (704) 796-5805.

Fundraising Ideas

Sports Tournaments

Once all costs have been calculated, establish your entry fee at a higher amount. The net difference will the charitable contribution to Dream On 3. TIP: Sponsors and in-kind donations are a great way to offset expenses!

  • Golf 
  • Corn hole 
  • Darts  
  • Kickball 
  • Bowling


Have fun with a cooking competition and see who’s the best chef! Charge entry fees and add a raffle to add more fun and fundraising to your event! 

  • Cupcake wars 
  • BBQ 
  • Chili 
  • Wings 


Turn any party into a fundraiser by collecting donations for Dream On 3 at the door or create a Dream On 3 fundraising website as an invitation to your party where people can donate ahead of time. 

  • Birthdays 
  • Dinner Parties 
  • Wine tastings 
  • Dream Night 
  • BBQ 
  • Picnic 
  • Luncheon  

Ticketed Events

Let us know if you would like to host a fundraiser with any of the following organizations and we can get you all set up! 

  • Charlotte Knights 
  • Kannapolis Cannon Ballers 
  • Spare Time Bowling Alley  

A few more events to consider are car washes, “pay-to-play” office casual days or even a Bingo Night. The possibilities are endless so, Dream Big!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can host an event to benefit Dream On 3?
A. Any individual or group (individuals, employees, companies and corporations, kids groups, and community groups) can host an event as long as it is approved in advance by Dream On 3. 
Q. How do I get approval to host an event?
A.  “Contact Us” to get started. (we can provide a link to my email there) 
Q. I want to publicize this event through media outlets in my community. Is that okay?
A. Yes, we want you to get the word out about your event so it will be successful. All publicity materials (posters, invitations, email announcements, press releases, etc.) need to be approved by Dream On 3. 
Q. Will Dream On 3 help support my event?
A. YES! We have a Special Events Coordinator who is dedicated to ensuring a fun and successful event. So whether it’s Dream Family testimonials, marketing materials to help your contacts better understand our mission or event volunteers on event day – we’ve got you covered!
Q. Is there a minimum donation required to host a fundraiser?
A. There is no minimum amount required to host a fundraiser. However, we do encourage hosts to create a goal when planning an event.
Q. Where does the money raised at my event go?
A. The proceeds from your event go toward our mission of creating dream experiences for children with life-altering conditions. 

If you are a dreamer, come in…

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