With A Good Attitude, Anything Is Possible

A post from Dream Kid Alex’s mother, Dorit:

This is the story about my daughter, Alexandra (Alex). She is your typical 16 year old girl. Make-up, music and sports. Until one day in January changed my whole families lives. It all started in Alex’s freshman year of high school around winter time when she was complaining of hip pain. Like all parents, I took her to our family physician, had x-rays taken and then was sent for physical therapy because nothing was found. When physical therapy wasn’t working, we were off to the family physician again, which then Alex was sent to an orthopedic. Once again, nothing was found and she was diagnosed with Snapping Hip Syndrome. Off to physical therapy AGAIN. It is now January of her sophomore year when Alex was playing an indoor soccer game when all of a sudden she felt her hip come out of her socket. Next day, she was in the doctor’s office again and I demanded an MRI, which was then scheduled for the next day. To my surprise, the radiologist saw a 13cm tumor on her left hip and off to the oncologist we go. Next step was a PET scan. Our world changed then. Alex was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare tissue/bone cancer, stage 4. Alex was admitted that day for biopsies and port placement. It is now November, and Alex has been through chemotherapy, radiation, blood transfusion and multiple injections.

Not once has Alex said, “Why me”. Her motto is tell me what I need to do in order to get better. She is always with a smile on her face. She is back in school part-time and practices with her soccer team when able. If there is anything that is taken out of this message is that recovery is 99% in your mind. As long as you have a good attitude, anything is possible.

-Dorit M. Lamparter, Alex’s Mom

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of taking Alex and her family to New York to meet her favorite NY Jets Players and attend the opening game at MetLife Stadium for her Dream Experience. Check out the video! We are so blessed to have this incredible family join our DO3 Family!