The Flock Squad Comes to the Rescue

The Junior Dream Team is at it again! Northwest Cabarrus High School needs to be wary of a flock of flamingos invading classrooms and only the Flock Squad can help.

After a successful ‘powder run‘ to raise money for Dream Kid and fellow student, Christian, the Jr. Dream Team is continuing to find creative ways to raise money to support his Dream of seeing the NY Yankees play at Yankee Stadium. Their latest fundraising effort is ‘flocking.’

Now, you may be asking what exactly is ‘flocking?’  Usually this is a prank where several plastic, pink flamingos are left on someone’s front yard. The Jr. Dream Team is taking this idea to their school though. Students at NWCHS should be on the lookout all week for the pink flamingos to possibly show up in their classrooms. However, with a small donation the Flock Squad (aka the Jr. Dream Team) will relocate the flamingos to another classroom.

We think it’s another home run of an idea for the Jr. Dream Team! These kids are so dedicated and it’s been inspiring to see them continually working hard to make Christian’s Dream come true. Keep up the great work Trojans! We can’t wait to see your next big hit for Christian.

At our Dream Gala in January we had the pleasure of welcoming two members of the Jr. Dream Team and Christian. They got a chance to explain what their mission is and Christian got a big surprise from two Yankees players, Chance Adams and Jordan Montgomery! We loved being able to share with our attendees the amazing work they’re doing.