It’s a family, not a charity

With our 3rd Annual Dream Gala coming up this weekend, we wanted to know why many of our guests are coming back this year! We loved their answers.

“Being involved with a charity should be one that encompasses your values and allows you to contribute in many ways. This is more than a charity. It is a family. Dream on three is an organization filled with selfless individuals who deliver dreams to very special children. I am amazed at the heart that this charity shows the community. It is about what can they do instead of what you can do for them. It is a very special group of people who genuinely care for the children, volunteer, and donors to the program. This sets them apart of so many other charity organizations. Brandon and Elizabeth have a heart for children, families, and community needs that bleeds over into so many other ways. It is a family not a charity.”

-Lauren Cosper Lomascolo

“I have been fortunate enough to go to the Dream On 3 Gala since the inaugural one in 2014. This year is my third Dream Gala. I love the whole concept of Dream On 3. Being able to make sports dreams a reality to those children who are fighting a physical battle/disease, can really give a child the motivation to fight even harder! The Dream On 3 Gala is a celebration of each child’s battle and conquering of illness that try to strip children of their youth. Luckily, organizations like Dream On 3 recognize the fight children face and are there to support, encourage, and motivate children the whole way.

I enjoy going to the Dream Gala each year to see just how many children we are impacting in a positive way and to make a personal connections with the stories I have read or seen. It is so inspiring to see these children get excited during their dream reveal, what their story unfold, and see them at the Gala all dressed up. Who doesn’t love to get dressed up?! It is a great night full of energy, emotion, and laughter. I love seeing the celebrities interact with the children. I think my favorite so far was Thomas Davis. He was so humble and gracious!

Thank you for all you do for the children in our community, Dream On 3! You make a huge impact on those children’s lives you touch, as well as those that are involved with the sendoffs. It is a pleasure and honor to be able to see the impact made first hand!”

-Marietta Abernathy, Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital

“It’s a fun evening and a great excuse to dress up and celebrate being a part of something that brings joy to so many deserving children and their families. I especially connect to the happiness it brings to the mothers of these children because I know what it means to me when someone shows love to my children. I love the feeling of being a part of the Dream On 3 family.”

-Mitchie Griffin