“My sports dream is to play basketball with my favorite team, UNC Tar Heels!””

Behind every great team stands some great fans. Kevin Josey is one of them. Despite being a little shy at first, the North Carolina teen is joyfully devoted to various sports at his high school and can often be found helping his school teams prepare for their games. That allegiance coupled with a huge heart has made him a very well-liked student.

The 19-year-old shows compassion to all he meets, which is only one of the reasons why his fellow classmates and members of the North Iredell High School selected him to be a recipient of a Dream Experience through the Jr. Dream Team program.

Kevin is also a fan of collegiate and professional sports. If asked to settle on just one, he gets most excited about basketball. As soon as you put a basketball in his hand, he’s off and running, dribbling and shooting. Just like some of the point guards he admires, practicing his shot is his favorite. There is nothing he loves more than playing, helping or watching sports.

Kevin dreams of attending a University of North Carolina Tar Heels basketball game and spending time with the team. His fellow classmates hope to help him make it happen.

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Kevin Josey is a student at North Iredell High School. People shout his name in hallways - you might as well call him President of the school. The support is extra special when you hear that Kevin lives with an intellectual disability.



It was a couple of weeks ago that Spence and I were treated to an experience with a remarkable young man named Kevin.  Kevin has a very significant developmental disability, but he makes up for it by being something like a human version of a ray of sunshine! READ MORE…

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