“Our dream is to attend the NBA All-Star Game!”

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Carter is a funny, enthusiastic freshman at South Forsyth High School. He may have Down Syndrome, but that doesn’t define him. He loves hanging out with his friends, practicing math on Prodigy, and all things basketball.

Carter also shares an enthusiasm for baseball with his classmate and best friend, Luke. (Their team of choice is the Atlanta Braves.) His love for sports doesn’t stop at baseball and basketball; he lives an active lifestyle and attends PPF Integrated Crossfit center every week with his sister, Carli. He is very competitive. He loves nothing more than crushing his opponents in any game played on the court: free-throws, HORSE, one-on-one – you name it, he can probably win it.

Carter has so much school spirit! He is a regular attendee of South sports games. He was a manager of his middle school basketball team, and loves supporting them, too.

His giggles and competitive nature – both on and off the basketball court – light up the lives of the peers he interacts with. One of his favorite things is when other students recognize him in the halls and make an effort to say hello or exchange a high-five.


Loving. Affectionate. Caring. Joyful. Persistent. Excitable. Happy. These are words that are often used to describe Carli Walters. She enjoys spending her time doing make overs, playing dress up, watching movies ( her favorites are Wizard of Oz and High school Musical), and cheerleading.

Carli cheered for five years with the Flames, a cheerleading team for children with disabilities, her favorite accomplishment of cheering is when her team came in 1st place and she received a medal. She hopes to cheer in high school for the South Forsyth War Eagles, although her favorite team to cheer for is the University Of Georgia.

Carli is a shining star but she has had her fair share of struggles. When she was only 3 years old she had heart surgery to repair a hole in her heart. This still affects her today because she has to watch her diet because with down syndrome comes low muscle tone and thyroid issues.

Carli has a big loving family of seven children, one of which also has down syndrome, her brother Carter. Carli adores all of her siblings and gets along with them very well. Her and Carter are very close and love doing various things together, including weekly cross fit classes, watching the UGA games together, and attending Camp Glisson every summer together.


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South Forsyth students headed to NBA All-Star Weekend

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -Two South Forsyth High School students with special needs had a wish to go this year's NBA All-Star weekend. Thanks to the support of their classmates, and Dream on 3, the freshmen were given the VIP treatment during a big send-off to the festivities.

A dream come true for Forsyth County students

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) - Dream on 3 makes the sports dreams of kids with special needs and chronic illnesses come true. CBS46 anchor Gurvir Dhindsa had a front row seat at a South Forsyth High School basketball game, where two lucky students received the surprise of their lives.

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