My sports dream is to spend time with Tim Tebow!

Zacks Story

Life was that of a typical teenager for Zack Matson until right before his 18th birthday. In fact, it took some time to identify any problems with Zack’s health because symptoms were sporadic. Zack’s parents took him to see the doctor after several different issues arose and standard blood work was performed. To everyone’s surprise, Zack was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition called, Aplastic Anemia.

Aplastic Anemia is rare and occurs when your body stops producing new blood cells, leaving you fatigued, at high risk of experiencing uncontrollable bleeding and potentially susceptible to other illnesses. Zack’s life (and his family’s life) was turned upside down and the top priority became helping Zack adapt to treatment and more importantly, survival!

Despite hospital stays and visits, transfusions, medications, and ports, Zack maintains a positive and joyful attitude about life. His faith is a very important part of his life and this journey he has found himself navigating. Family, friends, and church are priorities and have been huge supports to him. He is an avid sports fan and gamer; he even wants to be a videogame designer when he grows up.

Throughout the isolation and uncertainty of 2020, Zack has found himself seeking comfort in the words of one of his favorite athletes, Tim Tebow. Zack has felt incredible peace and inspiration from Tim’s faith-based messages on Instagram. His dream is to meet and spend time with one of his heroes, in sports and in life!

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