Dream Kid Zach & The Philadelphia Flyers

“My dream is to see the Philadelphia Flyers play and skate with Jakub Voracek!”

While most Southerners claim their favorite sport  as football or baseball, 14 year- old Zach, from Fort Mill is a die-hard hockey fan. Though Zach’s family moved to South Carolina from NY, his love of playing and watching hockey has only grown stronger. In fact, “School and hockey are Zach’s life.” In particular, Zach loves the Philadelphia Flyers and dreams of meeting and skating with Jakub Voracek.

Zach loves math and science and hopes to be a Bio-Engineer. He is smart and witty.  He is known for his dry sense of humor, which is so keen that friends and family often can’t keep up!  Zach also lives with T-cell deficiency, POTTS, autoimmune deficiency, and a heart defect. Zach has daily headaches and experiences multiple bouts of pneumonia each year. Two years ago, playing contact sports became too dangerous for Zach, which has been very emotionally challenging for Zach.  With the positive attitude he uses to address all of his challenges, Zach has traded in his skates and stick for an online gaming controller, and he is focusing his energy on being the most dedicated Flyers’ fan possible.

Zach also enjoys reading Percy Jackson books and watching Big Hero 6. Zach is blessed to have a very close-knit and passionate family.  His mom, dad, and older brother, Matthew, are always there to support him during his various tests and treatments and yell at the television with him as he cheers for another of Voracek’s many assists per game. They are even willing to let Zach choose what type of food to eat– though they know it will ALWAYS be Mexican.

Zach refuses to be iced by these physical and emotional challenges.  Instead, he is always positive and full of energy.   He is a shining example of courage and resilience to us all.

Zach lives with T-cell deficiency, POTS, autoimmune deficiency, and a heart defect.

Two years ago, playing contact sports became too dangerous for Zach. Transitioning to this new normal has been emotionally challenging for him.

Meet Zach

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Zach’s Dream Experience

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