Dream Kid Selah & NASCAR

“My Dream is to go to a NASCAR race!”

Selah Elise Solis is a happy, social 7-year-old girl who loves to draw and play with dolls. At age 3, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Since then, she has undergone countless tests and has tried many different medications in order to manage her seizures. She is currently a candidate for neurosurgery.

Selah is a huge NASCAR fan. She loves to watch car racing videos on YouTube. These videos are a great distraction when she is spending time in the hospital and getting tests done. Instead of focusing on the uncomfortable, unfamiliar surroundings, she is able to escape into the world of NASCAR. Ever since she has become interested in racing, she has dreamed of visiting a race track. She longs to experience the world she watches on YouTube in real life.

A very outgoing child, Selah engages with everyone she meets and loves spending time with her close knit family. She continues to smile and maintain a cheery disposition despite the daily challenges she faces related to her medical condition. She finds happiness in all of her days and is truly full of personality.

Selah is a huge NASCAR fan. She loves to watch car racing videos on YouTube.

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