“My dream is to attend an Ohio State University football game!”

Charming Philip… Just look at this young man’s smile! Do you feel yourself smiling, too? This sweet 16-year-old, from Waxhaw (NC), is a huge fan of LeBron James and JT Barrett, but when asked about his favorite sports team he emphatically said, “Ohio State University!” Growing up in Ohio, being an OSU fan is innate to Philip and he watches their games any chance he gets. Philip loves their winning football program, and he can often be seen sporting an OSU jersey, PJs, t-shirt, and more.

Philip lives with sickle cell anemia which is an inherited red blood cell disorder in which the blood cells die leaving a shortage (anemia). People who live with this disease often experience fatigue, pain, and infections and they are treated with medication, blood transfusions, and (rarely) a bone marrow transplant. Since his diagnosis, Philip has been in and out of the hospital receiving treatment, and the stress of this disease has taken a toll.

In addition to rooting for OSU, Philip spends his time playing video games, chowing down on seafood, and studying science. He wishes to be a dentist one day! The Dream Team is excited to get this inspiring young man to a Buckeyes game in 2021!

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