“My sports dream is to go to a Cleveland Browns game!”

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At A.L. Brown High School you will find a 16-year-old student by the name of Nazerith Spates. “Naz” is part of the school’s Occupational Course of Study and is a great student and classmate. He loves beyond measure, is outgoing, and very friendly. He loves to discuss politics and anything related to making the world a better place. Though the word “disability” is used in his medical diagnosis (Naz has an Intellectual Disability) he focuses on his ABILITIES instead. He pours his time into helping the community around him by participating in the Youth Christian International Club, Special Olympics, his youth group at Media Church, he participates in community-based training with Food Lion, and the weekly school-wide recycling program.

In Naz’s spare time when he isn’t serving others, he loves to play the videon game Madden NFL. Madden NFL is his game of choice because he loves football, specifically the Cleveland Browns. As a loyal Browns fan, his dream is to watch them play at FirstEnergy Stadium! Naz’s fellow classmates and members of the “Jr. Dream Team” witness him overcoming his battles daily and they hope to provide hope and encouragement by helping to make his sports dream come true!


A.L. Brown High School

Jr. Dream Team Photos

A.L. Brown High School Jr. Dream Team Members

Abby Bogle

Chucho Gonzalis

Tali Hagler

Matthew Honeycutt

Robert Le


Hannah McLaughlin

Harvey Meier

Claudia Purser

Jackson Rogers

Lindsay Wolford

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