“My dream is to be a VIP at UNC Chapel Hill!”


Kendall Geer is an energetic and friendly 5-year-old young boy who resides with his family in Chapel Hill, NC. Kendall lives with Down syndrome which has caused specific challenges such as delayed gross and fine motor skills, limited cognitive capacity, and difficulty with speech. Despite Kendall’s challenges, this little dude is “spunk” personified! Kendall always has a smile on his face and he loves meeting new people. He enjoys playing on his iPad, snuggling with his pooch, and being the #1 fan of any University of North Carolina sport! He loves to chow down on McDonald’s chicken nuggets, he says his hobby is dancing (while listening to Bruno Mars), and he wants to be an Avenger (like Black Panther) when he grows up!

But what Kendall enjoys the most is shooting some hoops. Kendall has grown up attending many, MANY Tar Heel sporting events so he lives and breathes the Carolina Blue! He has a love for all things basketball and if Kendall had the opportunity to be a VIP at UNC Chapel Hill, it would certainly be a sports dream come true!

Kendall has been selected by the University of North Carolina’s Collegiate Dream Team. These student leaders are working hard to help make his dream come true!

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University of North Carolina Collegiate Dream Team

Collegiate Dream Team Members

Drew Aldridge

Carrigan Bain

Brett Centracchio

Megan Clark

Mason Elmore

Makenna Jones

Ashley Kavanagh

Ally Mastrionni

Emily Pistone

Emerson Rogers

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