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My dream is to have a fun day with my sports hero, Thomas Davis!

Meet Jonathan, this 7-year-old boy from Concord, North Carolina has a one-of-a-kind personality that makes you fall in love instantly! Jonathan was 3-years-old before he could speak and has now undergone a total of 10 surgeries since birth. Despite his challenges, Jonathan’s mom, Kim says, “he has never realized that he has been sick or that he may look at the world differently.” Even though he has days that are a struggle, he definitely doesn’t let anything stop him from enjoying the things he loves!

Like most kids his age, Jonathan has a lot of favorite things… he loves pizza, music (especially Christian artist, Toby Mac), dogs and he spends a lot of his time building new tracks and bridges for all his trains. His faith is very strong, his mom tells us that every night before bed he prays for all of his friends and family. Jonathan also has many special skills, including remembering entire movie dialogues word-for-word! And to add to it, he is also a sports fanatic who loves his hometown team, the Carolina Panthers!

Jonathan lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asthma and Sinopulmonary Disease

“One of his favorite things about watching football is “when they get a touchdown and they give everybody a high-five because that is very good manners.”

A Special Message For Jonathan

We told you about Jonathan’s impeccable memory, well he won’t soon forget the special surprise he received this at the Dream On 3 Dream Gala! Jonathan was on-stage when a special, recorded video message from Davis himself appeared on the screen inviting Jonathan for a day where the two could just hang out and do anything he wanted! WOW! Getting to spend a day with his favorite athlete will truly be a dream come true for this Panthers fan.

A Dream Day With Thomas Davis

He admires the players and adores how much fun they have on the field regardless of whether they win or lose! He does have a favorite Carolina Panther, who just happens to share the name of his favorite train, “Thomas.” That would be “Thomas the Train” and “Thomas Davis Sr.” When we asked Jonathan about his sports dream he told us it was “to have a fun day with his sports hero Thomas Davis.”

Jonathan Is On The News

Jonathan’s Dream Photos

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