“My sports dream is go to a Detroit Tigers baseball game!”

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Jean-Luc’s Story
Jean-Luc lives with Autism, hypotonia, ocular albinism, and horizontal nystagmus and was referred to us by the Shelby High School Jr. Dream Team.

Jean-Luc is a 17-year-old young man who attends Shelby High School in Shelby, NC. He has a passion for baseball and an amazing aptitude for numbers, making him the perfect statistician and assistant manager for the school’s baseball team. Getting straight to the point, Jean-Luc states, “Baseball is my life.”

Looking back to when Jean-Luc was a child, his parents are amazed (and thrilled) to see his continuous progress and acceptance by his peers. Doctors originally said that he would not be able to walk, talk, or see anything beyond 10 feet in front of him. He proved them wrong! His various medical conditions have been challenging; he has autism, hypotonia (decreased muscle tone), ocular albinism (reduced coloring of the eye’s iris), and horizontal nystagmus (involuntary eye movement) – but he continues to press on and does so with grace and a positive attitude! He walks, talks, plays piano and excels in school.

Jean-Luc loves pancakes from IHOP, enjoys participating in marching band, and his love for music is contagious – he can often play a song by ear, without music. But, as he says, baseball is his life. His favorite team has always been the Detroit Tigers and his favorite player is “Miggy” – the Tigers popular first baseman, Miguel Cabrera. Watching Cabrera slug homers brings a smile to Jean-Luc’s face! The Jr. Dream Team at Shelby High School was thrilled to choose Jean-Luc to be the recipient of a Dream Experience and they are excited to be working towards sending Jean-Luc to Comerica Park, in Detroit, next spring.


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