“My sports dream is to attend the NFL draft!”

 Announcing the NFL Draft pick!

Announcing the NFL Draft pick!

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When you meet Daveion for the first time, you instantly notice his huge, infectious smile… It lights up the room! This 17-year-old young man is full of life and a love for sports. He follows local high school sports, college sports, and professional sports too… Daveion has become so immersed with the facts and figures of sports, he has taken it upon himself to develop (and publish) a publication for his high school entitled, “Daveion’s Weekend Preview”!

Daveion’s excitement for life is certainly not dampened by the challenges that living with autism presents. And though he has a 1:1 care provider during the day, Daveion finds ways to spread joy to everyone that crosses his path! Whether it is announcing the games at Alexander Central High School or greeting kids each morning at school with a fist bump or “have a nice day!”, Daveion is certainly someone who would rather give of himself than to receive. He truly possesses a servant’s heart.

It is that sweet disposition and love of life that propelled the Junior Dream Team at Alexander Central High School to nominate Daveion to receive an amazing Dream Experience. Daveion’s ultimate sports dream is to attend the NFL draft! A “behind the scenes” look at the ins and outs of the draft would be fascinating to Daveion (especially if he could meet someone from the Seattle Seahawks – his favorite NFL team) and he might even have a few draft predictions of his own! 


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