“My sports dream is to meet the Charlotte Hornets and play with them!”

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Connor Perkins is an animated, warm, and energetic 19 year old high school student with a magnetic personality. He loves people and will never forget a name of a new friend he meets. He is a fan of all sports and music, and has learned to play the drums. He is known for putting ranch dressing on everything, even grapes! Connor lives with Down Syndrome, but doesn’t allow his challenges in life to get him down. With a positive attitude, a great sense of humor, and a loving family, he is able to achieve anything he puts his mind to.

Sports play a huge role in Connor’s life, helping him to connect with the people he loves. His favorite thing to do is watch and play sports with his dad and brothers, who are his best friends. He loves to play golf with his dad, who was also his swim coach growing up. Connor comes from a tight knit family, and he loves to joke around and spend time with his parents and brothers. His sports dream is to meet the Charlotte Hornets and attend a game.

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