“My sports dream is to go to the College Football National Championship!”

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In July of this year, Camden was involved in an accident that left him fighting for his life. Cam and a friend were pushing a golf cart home after its battery died when both boys were unexpectedly struck by an oncoming car. Camden was pinned between the car and golf cart. He spent 31 days in intensive care and has undergone 7 surgeries to repair a torn aorta and arteries to his pancreas and small intestine. He also suffered broken tibiae and fibulas in both legs, separated T11 and T12 vertebrates, and received a skin graft on his left leg. Currently, Camden is still a patient at Shepherd Center in Atlanta working hard to build up his upper body strength and core and adjust to being a paraplegic.

Cam has a tremendous support system huddled around him led by his mom, dad, and his big sister, Savannah. They have experienced great support emotionally, spiritually, and physically, as their community in Camden, Georgia has embraced them after this tragic accident. Cam is deeply faithful and believes that the refrain from his favorite song, “God, You Are So Good” truly speaks for him: I am blessed. I am called. I am healed. I am whole.

Cam loves watching college football almost as much he loves playing football. His sports dream is to attend the College Football National Championship Game in Santa Clara, California in January. He considers this game the pinnacle of football excellence –even better than the Super Bowl. He would consider it an honor to be in the presence of such strong programs and committed athletes—even if one of them is not Ole Miss—but he is still keeping his fingers crossed.

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