“My dream is to go to a Cincinnati Reds game!”

Caedon Baute is a sweet 15-year-old from Harrisburg, NC. He loves all sports and stays very active. You can catch him hitting it out of the park at a Miracle League game, running down the soccer field at Special Olympics practice, and even training for an upcoming 5K with his dad (who he plans to beat by the way!). When he finally takes a moment to rest, he prefers to spend it eating chicken nuggets from East Coast Wings and hanging out with his 3 siblings.

Caedon lives with Down Syndrome and sometimes has difficulty communicating with others. His parents have instilled in him the belief that he can do anything anyone else can, but they say that he does feel his differences when he spends time with his peers. It can be frustrating when he is trying to communicate something that is clear in his mind, but others are having trouble understanding it. Sports are a great way for him to break through these barriers and connect with others through an activity.

If he had to choose a favorite sport, Caedon would pick baseball, solely because of his love of the Cincinnati Reds! His parents both grew up in Indiana and were big Reds fans. They’ve imparted that on to Caedon and he loves cheering them on with his family. Dream On 3 is excited to help him see his favorite team play and to have him as a part of our team.

In fact, his Dream On 3 team just got bigger –  UNC Charlotte’s Collegiate Dream Team will be rallying around Caedon and helping make his sports dream come true!

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