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My dream is to go to a motocross event and watch the athletes compete!

Meet Brandon, a 21-year-old with a life changing brain tumor whose Dream of attending the X Games came true in a big way… Brandon is a 21-year-old Matthews resident who wants to be a baseball coach someday. He is a kind, humble, and extremely appreciative young man.  Like many 21-year-old guys, Brandon loves sports, especially baseball and motocross! In his free time he enjoys riding four wheelers and dirt bikes, as well as playing baseball.

Brandon’s life was drastically changed in November of 2015 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Brandon had little time to adapt as the next few weeks would prove to be a whirlwind. Just one month after his diagnosis, he had surgery to remove the cancer. The surgery removed most of the tumor, but left a small inoperable amount that has been treated with chemotherapy and radiation over the past four months.

Brandon’s appreciation for family is evident to anyone that meets him. Brandon was recently married! He and his wife, Dallas, have a beautiful one-year-old son named Levi. Dallas and Brandon make a fantastic team, and with their addition of baby Levi they make for an incredible family trio. As both a father and husband, the diagnosis has been particularly difficult and he has had to step down from his full-time job to manage his care. Despite it all, Brandon continues to battle these challenges like a champion!

His Dream: Brandon’s dream was to go to a motocross event and watch the athletes compete! On May 24th, with the help of the Matthews Fire Department, we surprised Brandon at his home with firetruck that was ready to escort he and his family to Genghis Grill. The firefighters treated Brandon like one of their own and even had a special helmet made just for him! Representatives from Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Title Sponsor for Brandon’s Dream, were at the restaurant waiting with a surprise of their own. Brandon was handed a larger than life ticket for him and his wife to attend XGames in Austin. It was an amazing evening with lots of happy tears as Brandon learned that one week from then his motocross Dream would be coming true!

Fast forward to one week later to June 4th…Mike Dascal, Volunteer Dream Leader, and the rest of the DO3 team left Charlotte for Austin, Texas with Brandon and his wife, Dallas for two full days of surprises at Circuit of the Americas. Brandon was able to spend time with several of his sports heroes, including some of the biggest names in the sport! They received VIP Access to the Xtreme! Brandon and Dallas spent both days in the pit where they ate, socialized and even celebrated with the athletes.

Brandon was able to get an inside look at the day in the life of motocross superstars from hanging out with Metal Mulisha Founder Brian Deegan to chatting with “Rubber Kid” Levi Sherwood. It was clear to see that the day-to- day challenges that Brandon has been faced with for the last 8 months were not top of mind, instead, he was living a life he had only dreamed about and reminded of all the good things the future has in store for him!

Special thanks to Title Dream Sponsor, Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for making Brandon’s dream come true. They even sent a few of their representatives down to Austin to support Brandon along the way – wow!

He has bravely undergone several therapies to learn how to walk, talk, and do other daily activities all over again. He has fought hard and made remarkable progress!

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