“My dream is to meet former NFL player, Steve Smith.”

 Bervard & Steve Smith Sr. at Bank of America Stadium

Bervard & Steve Smith Sr. at Bank of America Stadium

Bervard Jr.’s Story
Jr. lives with epilepsy.

Bervard Wright, Jr. (or “Junior” as his mother affectionately calls him) is, at first glance, a seemingly a typical teen. He enjoys playing video games, can’t get enough of his dog, eats fried chicken any chance he gets and shares a passion for working on cars with his dad.

What you might not notice about this 14-year-old, is that every day he is quietly battling the challenges of living with epilepsy. Recently diagnosed in March 2019, Jr. has had to quickly adapt to a new normal. Aside from doctors and managing medication, he also requires supervision at a time in his life when he is seeking more independence. Whether climbing rope in gym class, riding his bike or taking a shower, someone needs to be nearby to help if a seizure occurs. He understands the severity of his condition and, with the help of his family, he is facing each day with the best possible attitude.

Watching football on a Sunday afternoon is one of Jr.’s favorite pastimes. He has always cheered the loudest for “Agent 89”, Steve Smith Sr., despite which jersey he wore because he was fun to watch! Jr. looks up to Smith because of his good character, his work and family ethics and because he always “stays true to who he is!” Jr. would love to throw a football with Smith and even hear him say (one of) his favorite phrases, “Ice up, Son!”

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