“My sports dream is to go to a WWE event and meet the wrestlers!”

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Introducing Dream Kid… Anderson Sisk!

Anderson is a popular, kind-hearted, and fun loving 16-year-old who overcomes the physical challenges of Down syndrome daily. He just loves life! He has a contagious laugh, loves to dance for the school Twitter page, and is known for mimicking the Duck Dynasty calls in the school hallways. Anderson also loves to chow down on fried chicken, play with his dog (Bella), and he dreams of being a big-time country star just like Blake Shelton. The students involved with the Junior Dream Team at Etowah High School recognize Anderson’s zeal for life and they were thrilled to nominate Anderson to be the recipient of a fabulous Dream Experience!

Growing up in a family that loves sports, Anderson enjoys Georgia State baseball, Alabama football, and bowling on the Special Olympics team, but most of all… he loves all things WWE. He dresses like WWE wrestlers for Halloween and can often be heard playing with his WWE figures in his bedroom. Anderson has stated that his current sports hero is the eternal WWE “babyface”, John Cena. Anderson would love to meet professional wrestlers and have the opportunity to wrestle alongside them in the ring. Who knows, maybe even try a piledriver or attitude adjustment? We’ll see what happens when his super supportive school sends him off on his Dream Experience!


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