Dreaming About A Dream by Sue Willers

Instead of remembering 2016 as the year Jalen battled cancer, we will remember 2016 as the year Jalen met Carmelo Anthony and the family went to New York City. We are so grateful for this trip and the gifts that Dream On 3 gave us. It was a whirlwind weekend that we will never forget.

The Knicks game was amazing. Jalen decided on his dream while undergoing awful chemo treatments. To take his mind off of things, we would fantasize about his wish. We spent hours dreaming about his dream. Wondering what it would look like. Seeing Jalen’s face when he walked into the arena was priceless. He was in awe. It was more than we ever hoped for.

It was Jalen’s dream, but the entire family was treated to a dream trip.

After a year of following a strict schedule, we loved not knowing what was on the itinerary.

Mike did an amazing job planning. He picked the perfect activities for our family. We loved the limo ride around the city, visiting Top of the Rock and ice skating in Bryant Park.

All our meals were outstanding! I don’t think Jalen will ever be able to eat a steak again without comparing it to his NY experience. It was very thoughtful of Mike to recognize how important family is to us and to plan parties with both our Charlotte and NY families. We are grateful for all the wonderful memories.

Lastly, we loved our travel companions. Donald and Grant are so much fun. The whole family really connected with them. They definitely enhanced the trip.

Thank you for choosing Jalen. Thank you for this experience and thank you for the memories. We feel blessed to be a part of the Dream On 3 family.

Craig & Sue Willers