Queen City Business of the Year

Is Your Company Ready To Dream Big?

Over the last six years, funds raised at the Dream Gala have provided more than 100 kids with unforgettable Dream Experiences and impacted thousands in the process. Charlotte-area businesses have contributed largely to that success.

In 2017, we introduced a new way for businesses to engage employees and communities and help us make even more dreams come true. We found some of the most dynamic and philanthropic businesses to participate in our 1st-ever Queen City Business of the Year Competition. Talk about taking passion to the next level – these companies dreamed big and our Dream Kids were the winners!

If you know of a company that is looking to be a part of something like this and interested in creating a culture of helping others, we are accepting nominations for this year’s Queen City Business of the Year Finalists!

New in 2019, we are featuring TWO categories which means TWO winners! Both large and small companies can now compete in separate categories, so there is a way for everyone to be a part of the fun! Commitments must be in before September 2019 and we will crown the winners of QC Business of the Year in both large and small categories at Dream Gala 2020.

Dream on 3 celebrates Queen City Business of the Year

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - "Queen City Business of the Year" is an award given in January from local charity Dream On 3, to a local business who shows themselves as well-rounded and a supporter of making dreams come true for kids. This year, the award is separating into two winners: "Large business" and "Small business."

Help Crown The Next Queen City Business of the Year!


Sarah Kaplan | sarah@dreamon3.org | 336.416.2562

Eva Piper | eva@dreamon3.org | 704.245.8900

Hear From One Of Our Past Winners

“The feeling is simply these strong and faithful families are all the inspiration we need. It’s easy for us to say we look forward to continuing to partner with Dream on 3 and we can say that on behalf of all of our great customers and employees and vendor partners, because this has been such an inspirational experience for us.”


Last Year’s Winners

1st Place Company

2nd Place Company

Past Queen City Business of the Year Competitors

Blythe Construction

Blue Max Trucking

Cabarrus Brewing Company

Carolina CAT | We Build NC (Winner 2018)

Clean Juice

Davco Roofing & Sheet Metal (Winner 2017)

Hoopaugh Grading

Imagine Travel

Lily Pulitzer

Lithko Contracting

Lineberger Orthodontics

McMahon Trucking Center