Dream Kids Love Surprises

The feedback we’ve received from our hospital partners has been that kids being treated need, now more than ever, opportunities to lift their spirits and bring smiles of joy and hope to their faces. From that valuable insight, the DreamBox program was born.

DreamBoxes are sports-themed, full of fun and most importantly, personalized to an individual Dream Kid. Local companies have been generous and eager to help us make a difference by “adopting a kid” and filling their DreamBox. Each DreamBox is delivered to either the hospital or the child’s home and you can be certain that every surprise delivery is accompanied by a huge smile!

Healthcare Partnership

We work with our healthcare partners to identify recipients and assist us with the application process. All DreamBox recipients are receiving in-patient care at the hospital and have a love for sports. For more information on becoming a recipient, speak to your healthcare provider.

“Adopt A Dream Kid”

Through sponsorship, your company can put a smile on the faces of kids living with a life-altering condition. Your team can have fun personalizing a box that will be hand-delivered directly to their home or hospital room.

Partnering Companies

Our DreamBox partners are philanthropic companies who desire to make our communities a better place to live. To learn more, click on the companies names to visit their website. (We have also have very strong relationships with the individuals/families listed. We are grateful to have all of these folks in our huddle!)

Phill Wright
The Spach Family
The Murray Family
JTown Express Baseball Family
JTown Express 12U Baseball Players
Rainy Ungemach
The Lindsey Family
The Brown Family
McBEE High School Volleyball Program
The Deas Family
The White Family
The Sigmon Family
Michael Mosher
Dan & Pam Davis
SBA 9u Futures
coached by Tomas Cruz
To learn more about DreamBox or to “Adopt A Dream Kid” in the Carolinas, DC Metro, or Denver communities
please contact Elizabeth Lindsey at elizabeth@dreamon3.org or (704) 301- 5217.

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