CrossFit Weddington Rowing For A Dream

Local CrossFit Box Raises $8,341 To Make A Dream Come True

People who feel called to give something of themselves – be it time, money or thoughts – to someone less fortunate or someone in need, do it for all different types of reasons. For example, if you ask Cory and Alisa Worf, Jordan Falcone or any one of the participants at CrossFit Weddington’s 4th Annual 24 Hour Rowathon, they might all give you a different explanation for giving their hearts and working their bodies throughout the night to help make a sports dream come true.

Cory Worf, Owner and Head Coach of CFW, just feels it’s his duty to help others. Cory learned about Dream On 3 through another local fundraiser he participates in, the Beers & Burpees Charity Event. So, when it came time to select a recipient for the funds raised at the 2017 Rowathon he said “I really liked the presence that Dream On 3 had at the other event. So often, it can be difficult to see where funds are going but I liked the fact that we can see it all the way through to a dream come true.”

The event featured 24 hour entertainment with a DJ, movies, raffles, and even some special Karaoke where a young girl motivated the whole room to keep rowing with her impassioned rendition of “Let It Go”— even Elsa would have been impressed!

The Rowathon can be an individual or a family affair. We imagine there were a few unobserved bedtimes, for both the adults and the kids! Whatever the reason participants came out in support, it was a time for all to sweat, reflect on our blessings and honor our losses.

One CrossFit member lives with a very personal loss and his sacrifice is just one of the moments that is near to Cory’s heart, “He lost a child and he has been there every year at 4:00 AM to row in the dark. It’s a very emotional time when I get to share this moment with him.” In fact Cory and his wife, Alisa, started this fundraiser in 2014 to raise money to help with medical expenses for the family of Jovani Joseph Maggio (JJ). His story and courageous journey are now being used as an example to others and to make a positive change.

Cory also tells us he enjoys seeing other CrossFit boxes come out to show their support. A little friendly competition for a good cause is just fine too and they had their stamina and endurance put to the test in the Max Meter Challenge, a special opportunity just for other boxes.

No matter the reason these participants give of themselves, they all have something in common. They all are now a part of a new family. A Dream Family. Each dollar spent, each drop of sweat and sore muscle will be recognized and honored by creating a very big and magical dream come true for a deserving kid. Stay tuned as we announce which Dream Kid will be a recipient of these funds and learn more about their condition and where their dream will take them.

Congratulations to CrossFit Weddington and all those who are participated on raising an grand total of $8341.00.

Thank you, CrossFit Weddington for your incredible generosity. We thank you for letting us help you honor the strength and courage of JJ (#StrongLikeJJ, read more about JJ) and for helping us make dreams come true for other special needs children in our area.