COVID-19 Programming

As COVID-19 continues to affect change within our community, the team at Dream On 3 has remained focused on our mission: to make sports dreams come true for kids with life-altering conditions. 

Throughout the pandemic, our team has been forced to alter our programming models which has resulted in exploring new and innovative ways to serve our Dream Kids. We have discovered that every cloud has a silver lining. Through the innovative ideas of our programming team, the dedication of our sports partners, and the loyalty of our corporate and individual donors, we have been afforded multiple opportunities to bring encouragement and hope into the lives of our Dream Kids. 

Our team will shift and adapt to the ever-changing health care crisis, but we are certain that if we continue to stay resolute to our mission and valuesdreams will continue to come true.


Adapting The Dream Experience Program

Signing Day

This program serves Dream Kids that have had their sports dreams placed on hold due to COVID-19 and are awaiting their experience. Kids are surprised with custom care packages and filled sports gear, DO3 swag, snacks, and fun activities. Each Dream Kid also receives a “letter of intentthat signifies our commitment to making their dream come true along with a new iPad filled with special video messages


The DreamBox program is an amazing way to become directly involved in our mission. By “adopting a Dream Kid” from this community, your company and employees will be able to experience the joy of putting a huge smile on the faces of kids living with a life-altering condition. Your team can have fun personalizing a box that will be hand-delivered directly to their home or hospital room. LEARN MORE

Adapting The Day Dream Program

Digital Day Dream

Our in-person Day Dreams have shifted to fun (and safe!) digital experiences with teams and athletes. Whether it’s a friendly game of bingo, a fierce eSports match-up, trivia, or just quality time with athletes, our kids have been thrilled to connect with sports celebrities via Zoom. These special opportunities also include a special delivery of DO3 gear, games and snacks for added fun!

Adapting The Alumni Program

Drive In Movie Night

On Wednesday, July 8th, our Dream Kid Alumni were the special guests of the Speedway Children’s Charities for a drive-in movie at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Families had a great time and were grateful to have the opportunity to catch a movie under the stars while keeping everyone safe.

Sports Trivia With The Pros

What do you get when you put Larry Ogunjobi (Cleveland Browns DT), Ian Thomas (Carolina Panthers TE), and Dream Kid Alumni on an interactive Zoom call? The Answer: One amazing, Jeopardy-style Sports Trivia Night which will be held on Wednesday, July 22nd.

If you are a dreamer, come in…

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