Dream On 3 – Carolinas

Making Dreams Come True In The Carolinas

We hope you can “huddle” up with D03 and become a part of these magical and joyous moments for our future Dream Kids in the Carolinas and beyond!

In November 2012, the dream to create an organization for children who are facing challenges became a reality for founders Elizabeth and Brandon Lindsey. Both were born and bred in the Carolinas and have called the Charlotte area home for a good part of their lives. They felt called to give back and serve the community in which they live and work and that calling became Dream On 3.

Only a few years into this incredible journey, Charlotte and its generous community have set the framework for success on which the organization hopes to build with affiliates across the East and Midwest.

The willingness to help and enthusiasm to give that the people of Charlotte have shown by making these dreams come true comes as no surprise to the Lindsey’s – but what they didn’t expect was to watch Dream On 3 move toward the future on the shoulders of local teenagers. Along with the generous support of area philanthropic organizations, corporate partners and individual donors, the path forward for Dream on 3 in the Carolina’s is being forged by young people through the Jr. Dream Team program.

By watching these students provide hope and encouragement for one of their own, the Lindsey’s are proud to witness the mission of Dream On 3 thrive here in Charlotte and beyond – making dreams come true for children through the world of sports.

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