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Quality playbooks are vital to helping plan and strategize tactics that ultimately result in success. At Dream On 3, we customize the level of involvement to fit each ambassador while providing access to our brand, professional video and photo content that will help tell your story. In turn, ambassadors use their reach to help us fulfill the mission, achieve our vision, build awareness, and drive financial support for programming.

Helping An Underserved Community

For over 35 years, wish/dream granting programs have focused primarily on children who were facing life-threatening or terminal conditions. Dream On 3 recognized that a vast majority of children who are living with life-altering conditions were being left out. Athletes and brands have noticed too and are responding to our mission in an overwhelmingly positive way.

Say Goodbye To Meet & Greets

Our Dream Experiences are customized and tailored specifically to the Dream Kid AND the athlete or team. There is nothing cookie cutter about the magic we create! At Dream On 3 we focus on quality over quantity and athletes have been quick to embrace this shift. Top brands have welcomed being involved with our programming because their brand and story are uniquely showcased.

How Will You Use Your Platform?

Now more than ever, people are ready to talk about conditions such as autism, intellectual or developmental disorders (IDDs), and mental health issues. Dream On 3 actively works with athletes and brands to “break the stigma” by using sports as a means to promote healing and acceptance.


The Dream On 3 Starting Line Up

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