An Adventure To Cherish by Sue Ramsey

What can 8 high school students, 2 faculty advisors, and a supportive administrative team accomplish?

They can make a young girl feel like a true princess.
They can make an entire family feel cherished and appreciated.
They can make leaders out of shy and unsuspecting students.
They can blanket an entire school with a desire to give.
They can leave an adult faculty member, who thought she had seen and experienced most everything, with a sense of wonder and delight at the generosity and joy our world still has to offer.

An Adventure To Cherish by Sue Ramsey

Walking alongside Dream On 3 and the Junior Dream Team is an adventure I will always cherish. I will never forget our first team meeting with Maggie and the instant connection we made to an adorable 8-year-old girl. I can close my eyes still and recall her genuine smile and the vibrant joy she brought to our team. Maggie made the work involved in creating a dream experience worth it. The friend we made in her and the closeness we felt to her family and those that made her dream a reality was priceless. Working with Dream On 3 has been an incredible experience.

From start to finish, Elizabeth Lindsey and her team embraced Cannon School and all of the Junior Dream team members. Dream On 3 immediately included us in their vision and gave us the scope of sweet Maggie Scurlock’s dream. They afforded us the opportunity to dream alongside them and to make a special girl’s dream a reality. Along, the way, I also noticed that this experience was deeply changing all of us—the Dream Team, the staff and students of the school, and mostly myself.

Dream On 3 met with our team weekly, encouraging us to find ways to include our school family in support of the Scurlocks. They framed our time line and the parameters of working with a non-profit organization. They celebrated our creativity and fueled our fundraising events. They even went so far as to run in our biggest ever Homecoming 5k in honor of the dream recipient! Dream On 3 was never too busy for us. They answered emails, questions and helped us pursue the makings of a fabulous send off. The entire journey was personal.  The Lindsey’s and their crew made us feel like part of the Dream On 3 family as they opened their hearts and program to us. Thank you Dream On 3 for the opportunity of a lifetime! May you continue to bless you as you make dreams come true for other children.