Enjoying A Day Dream – A Mother’s Perspective

“Dream On 3 keeps our child’s spirit alive!”


My son, James (who is currently 10), showed signs early on of Autism and severe ADHD. He couldn’t stay in one place, listening to directions was extremely challenging, and running was nearly impossible. Despite those obstacles all he ever wanted to do was to play baseball. When he was younger, I talked with several little league teams and was always upfront about my son’s challenges and, as a result, time and time again James was turned down. No coach would work with him because he wouldn’t listen or couldn’t sit still during a meeting. One coach even said that James was a danger to himself and other players…

Upon moving to Concord, we were thrilled to learn that the YMCA had a Miracle League team and finally James fit right in! Through the years, he loved being part of various teams, though it was near impossible for him to walk to each base without falling down. Eventually, James outgrew the team and the league, but as his mother, I can see how he lights up when he just watches the game!


Attending the Dream On 3 Day Dream event with the Charlotte Knights was a dream come true. James was beside himself all night, watching the guys play. The Knights show him that anything is possible and that it doesn’t matter what challenges are placed in front of him.

Thank you for making this night possible for our family! Dream On 3 keeps our child’s spirit alive in meeting athletes and knowing that they can overcome any obstacle and not let anything stop them from achieving their goals. I remember when the doctors told us that James may never speak and yet, he now loves to cheer for his favorite athletes and yells “play ball” before a game starts.

Thank you for everything you do!


A very grateful Mom..