A Friend Forever

Shannon Griffin has been a voice for Dream On 3 for several years, she has helped create our brand and tell the story of all our amazing Dream Kids and their Dream Experiences. And now, it’s time for her to begin a new journey.

Our founders, Brandon & Elizabeth Lindsey first heard from Shannon in the summer of 2013 when she reached out about her interest to get involved. They wondered, how did this complete stranger hear about us & now that she knows the position doesn’t pay well, or at all, why does she want to be involved?

“It didn’t take long for us to realize Shannon was all heart. The pay didn’t matter. The position didn’t matter. She didn’t care how we needed her, she just wanted to be a part of something that she believed in wholeheartedly. That was extremely humbling. She loved the mission, the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than herself and the ability to make a difference.That was her driving force….Shannon wanted to make a difference & she could see how this organization would do just that. Over the next 3 years, Shannon established our social media & online presence. What you see today has her fingerprints all over it. She established processes and learned how to navigate through the social media & online world – what changes when, how and when to post what, video vs. picture, timing and the list goes on & on.”

“That was her driving force….Shannon wanted to make a difference.”

“Shannon has been a quiet but strong presence behind the scenes and she has loved our Dream Kids and families well. You see, because of her, their stories have been told. You have been able to walk along side of our Dream Kids – you have learned about their daily changes but you’ve also been able to celebrate with us as they have Dreamed BIG and have lived out moments of complete joy. Because of Shannon, and her storytelling, you have been there with each child. So…we are humbled. We hope you have been. We are forever thankful. And we miss her already. Shannon – thank you for being a bright light in this world. Thank you for giving of yourself – of your whole heart – and for being the difference. We love you and miss you already.”

-Elizabeth & Brandon

Shannon’s Farewell to Dream On 3

Well guys, it’s time to announce that I’ve taken my talents to South End. A few months ago, I accepted a new full time position at an event planning and catering company. As the demands of this new opportunity increase, and as DO3 continues to grow, I simply can’t give it the time and attention it needs and deserves. The decision came with many tears, and frankly it felt a little like a break up!

Three years ago I was job searching when I stumbled across Dream On 3 and knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I sent Brandon and Elizabeth an email to see if they had any openings. Their response? “Thanks! But we can’t pay you.” I decided to take a leap of faith anyway, and met with Brandon & Elizabeth to see how I could get plugged in as a volunteer. We must have hit it off because less than a year later, I moved in! Just kidding…well I did actually move in with them for a little bit, but that’s another story. Not long after that I took on the role of Social Media Director, and I’ve been learning my way through it ever since! I’ve been so fortunate to be able to grow alongside an organization with a mission I believe in.

The Power of Sports
“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all kinds of discrimination.”

In my three years at DO3, a lot of people have asked me “why sports?” There are so many layers of awesome that come together in a DO3 dream, that I don’t really have a short answer to this. There is something about sports that creates a connection with people. It has a power to unite people across all ages, races, languages, and beyond. Even fans of opposing teams can bond over their passion for the sport. My favorite thing about sports is probably much like any other sports fan- watching all of the energy, determination, and hard work come down to a game changing moment. These are the moments that typically leave half of a stadium in disbelief while the other half rejoices together. They are unpredictable, passionate, and inspirational, and they hold so much more than just winning or losing a game. For fans- they are moments that remind us anything is possible, and dreams can come true. We watch athletes overcome challenges to achieve their dreams and we connect with each other in the shared emotion of it all.

Part of what makes Dream Experiences special is that they revolve around a game changing moment – the ultimate dream come true. Whether it’s Luke Kuechly showing up at your door with flowers to take you to your birthday party (hubba hubba), hitting a baseball over the fence at the Yankees Spring Training, or riding around the track with Dale Jr. – these moments show our Dream Kids that their biggest dreams can come true. It’s in these moments they realize they are the ones who are inspiring those around them, myself included. Dream Kid Michael taught me that just because others may underestimate you, doesn’t mean you can’t do anything you set your mind to.  Dream Kid Alex showed me how to accept trials with grace and Dream Kid Fonz reminded me to dance like nobody’s watching. Dream Kid BJ taught me that I am stronger than I think, and even inspired me to challenge myself – I’m currunnamed-1ently training for my first half marathon because of him, something I never thought I’d do!

As I move on to the next phase of my life, Dream On 3 will forever have a piece of my heart. I’ve made friends who have become my family and DO3 has given me more than I could have ever given back. I’ll still be cheering from the sidelines as the Dream Team continues to make it happen.

Best of luck, Dream Team! Can’t wait to watch you continue to make dreams come true for children in need.