A Dreamers Response To COVID-19

The past few weeks, we must admit, have been challenging and, at times, stressful. In both our professional and personal lives, we have been thrust into a situation and forced to pivot.  

We must stop seeing our older parents or grandparents in order to protect them…

We must stop playing sports or attending sporting events…

We must stay home in order to stay safe.  

It’s our hope that you are safe, that you have allowed yourself to find the silver lining in this situation, and that you have used the time to refocus. We have done just that at Dream On 3 and we are excited to share our meaningful, mission-focused Dream On 3 [v. 2].

Programming Initiatives

The DO3 programming team has been in overdrive to answer the question, “How do we continue to love on our Dream Kids and fulfill our mission?”   

The brand-new SIGNING DAY initiative is a customized care package full of surprises which will be delivered to each Dream Kid’s front door. These have been built with love to bring a little sunshine into their lives while they await their Dream Experience! In addition to their personalized packages, each Dream Kid will receive a “letter of intentthat signifies our commitment to making their dream come true along with a very special digital message 

DIGITAL DAY DREAM experiences are also underway to stay connected with our local partners, while respecting the CDC social distancing guidelines. In the next couple of weeks DO3 will step into the world of e-sports by facilitating video game competitions between our friends at the Down Syndrome Association of Charlotte of the UNC Charlotte football team. Games will be live streamed so friends, family, and fans can enjoy!  We will also be teaming up with the Rollin’ Hornets, NBA Cares, and NASCAR to test out various athletes gaming skills, so stay tuned! 

How you can help... 

  • Dream On 3 is actively supporting our local partners to bring smiles to the faces of kids who need it most. If you, or your company, are in the position to support our efforts, please contact Mac at mac@dreamon3.org to learn more.  

Brand Building

To generate much needed positive vibes, we’ve developed a fun, collegiate challenge that involves music, lip syncing, and student athletes – the perfect combo!  

Over the course of the last two weeks, students from various colleges in the Carolinas have been observing social distancing with a little extra groove! Representatives from 14 universities have been channeling their creativity in order to participate in an epic competition called DREAM MADNESS! 

You will be able to support your favorite college during this bracket-style, single elimination battle. New battles will be posted daily, and they will need your votes to advance to the next round. First votes are free, and then you can donate $1 per vote for additional votes.  

One of Dream On 3’s goals for 2020 is to grow the Jr. Dream Team Program at the collegiate level. The overwhelmingly positive response to Dream Madness is encouraging and places our team on the right path to achieve this goal. 

How you can help… 

  • Videos can be shared using www.dreamon3.org/dream-madness or you can find them posted on our YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok accounts. These amazing college students have shown their support during the COVID-19 crisis and now is our chance to show our support – SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!  

*All funds raise will directly support Dream On 3’s [v. 2] virtual programming efforts created in response to COVID-19. 

Fundraising Efforts

Because of COVID-19 postponements, we expect to have more Dream Kids waiting for their dreams to come true than ever before. Our team has taken advantage of various grant opportunities and government assistance, but we will still rely on the generosity and support of our supporters. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to our mission and our Dream Kids.  

How you can help…. 

  • Support Dream On 3 by giving monthly. Our Huddle Up Club makes it easy! Keep in mind that the newly signed CARES Act allows for a tax deduction of $300/taxpayer ($600/married couple) for charitable giving. That equates to just $25 (or $50) per month to directly impact our program initiatives and our Dream Kids.   
  • Take advantage of our improved donation process and use PayPal or Amazon Pay and make a one-time gift 

Looking Ahead – A Message From Our Founder & CEO

The mission of DO3 matters now more than ever. Many of our Dream Kids are immunocompromised and are at a higher risk of complications from COVID-19. Our job at DO3 is (and has always been) to replace feelings of fear, worry, confusion and anxiety with feelings of HOPE, LOVE, and JOY. However, in these recent uncertain and challenging times it’s been our Dream Kids who have been the source of hope and encouragement.  

Very few of us are prepared to deal with uncertainty and adversity like our Dream Kids are. So, as we watched our programming efforts come to a screeching halt due to COVID-19, we posed a very important question to our team. “What would our Dream Kids expect us to do?” And the answer was simple KEEP DREAMING. 

I have been so proud of our team over the last few weeks. They have come together and figured out a way for us to continue serving our kids even in quarantine and through a virtual space. Dream On 3 [v.2] is going to look completely different… but it’s going to be AMAZING! We will be rolling out some incredible programs over the coming weeks. We’ve teamed up with athletes, the teams, and the leagues to continue bringing messages of hope and experiences of a lifetime. 

We remain optimistic and laser-focused on the future of our organization. Our commitment to serving our kids and making their dreams come true is unwavering. But we can’t do it without YOU. Dream Nation, we need each other more than ever before. Let’s come together as one team to show our Dream Kids that they are not alone and that they are not forgotten. 

Be safe and spread hope.