I so appreciate Dream on 3 making it possible for me to meet Tim Tebow! I’ve wanted to meet Tim since I was 10 years old, and have tried multiple times to do so, but never expected to actually get to spend time with him, rather than just getting an autograph or picture. Dream on 3 made the weekend even more special by surprising me with all of my sorority sisters recreating “Milkshakes for Mariel,” a fundraiser that they put on in the spring to raise money to purchase a wheelchair life for my house. I got to spend time with all of my friends that I hadn’t seen in months, my brother performed his song that he wrote for me “Mariel Strong,” and there was a video from Tim Tebow!


The next day I met Tim at the Gators football practice and also got to meet the head coach, his wife, the crew from CBS, and some of the players. I’ve always loved football and hope to work in the field one day, so it was such a cool experience, and I made a lot of great contacts that will be beneficial in the future! That night my family got to have dinner with Tim, get to know him better, here more about the Tim Tebow Foundation, and just share a (delicious) meal with him. It was something that I never imagined happening, but it felt so normal, since Tim really is just like one of us!


On Saturday we got to go behind the scenes at SEC Nation and meet the cast and Tim’s family, then headed towards the stadium! We got to tour around a little, participate in Gator Walk as the players walked towards the field, then watched the exciting game, where Tim was also inducted into the Ring of Honor, from box seats! It was such a special weekend, and I’m so thankful to Dream on 3 for providing me with this opportunity. It’s been the hardest year of my life, but it means so much to have an organization try to brighten my day and provide me with a once in a lifetime opportunity.